How to Clean the Sticky Side of a Screen Protector?

This guide will provide a step-by-step approach, outlining powerful strategies and precautions to securely and efficiently ease the sticky facet of a display screen protector.

Steps On How to Clean the Sticky Side of a Screen Protector?

1. Stock up Your Kit with Cleaning Tools

Collect all the necessary materials to complete the job correctly and effectively. The best tools for the job are:

1.   The microfiber cloth

2.   Distilled water

3.   A tiny bit of mild dish soap or isopropyl alcohol

4.   Adhesive tape or lint roller

5.   A screen cleaning kit

2. Set the Cleaning Area

Prepare a dedicated and well-lit cleaning area to facilitate the sticky side of the phone or tablet screen protector cleaning process. Arrange all your cleaning tools within easy reach to avoid interruptions during the task. A clean, clutter-free environment will provide a more efficient and focused cleaning session.

3. Remove Grease from Your Hands

Note that we must bend with oil-free and dirt-free hands to avoid smudges on the screen protector. Make sure to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before cleaning the screen protector to guarantee that the area where you start is spotless.

4. Remove the Screen Protector

Removing a screen protector, gently elevate it from the device’s surface. Using a plastic card or your fingernail, carefully pry the edges away to avoid damaging the device and the screen protector during this delicate process.

5. Knock off the Dust and Dirt

There are two ways to start the process. Use adhesive tape or a lint roller in the first place to remove the accumulated materials from the device screen and the sticky part of the screen protector. The first phase of removing adhesive from screen protector bottomless cleaning deals with surface cleaning and sags a path for further cleaning.

6. Deep Cleaning

If your screen protector requires extra attention, do deep cleaning. Mix a small amount of distilled water with gentle dish soap or isopropyl alcohol. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution and, using a circular motion, clean the sticky side of the screen protector thoroughly. You can contact NoCo Cell Phone and Repair technicians to learn more about cleaning the sticky side.

7. Reinstallation Preparation

Prepare for the reinstallation by ensuring the device screen and the sticky side of the screen protector are completely dry. Remove any residual cleaning solution to guarantee a clean and smooth surface for reattachment.

8. Reattach the Screen Protector

Gently reattach the screen protector to your device, aligning it accurately. To ensure optimal clarity and touchscreen responsiveness, smooth out air bubbles or wrinkles during reattachment. This is an essential step for maintaining screen protector cleanliness.

9. Restore the Adhesive

If the adhesive on the screen protector seems weakened, take steps to revitalize it. Always read the instructions, and if possible, use an approved adhesive enhancer to achieve the best results. Additionally, ensure to clean the adhesive side of the screen protector before reapplying it to your device for optimal adhesion and protection.

10. Final Result

The final product should be a clean screen protector that delivers an enhanced display rather than washed out. Frequently applying the above rules will make the screen protector and the electronic device last longer. When considering the longevity of your device’s screen, it’s essential to be aware of the types of screen damages it may encounter, such as scratches, cracks, or screen burn-in. These damages can compromise the display quality and overall usability of your device.

What if you have the sticky side of a glass screen protector to be cleaned?

Solve how to clean the sticky side of a screen protector by applying a drop of dishware liquid or isobutyl alcohol to distilled water. Using the microfiber cloth with the solution applied, clean the sticky side in circles to remove the fingerprints and dirt.

Why is my screen protector sticky?

Sticky screen protectors may occasionally happen due to the screen’s coating, oils, or adhesive. Dust and oil on the fingertips could build up over time, causing dirt to stick to the screen. In addition, using a successive adhesive on the protector may lead to adhesive impurity. Doing this can help to the problem.

Could we apply water to the sticky side of a screen protector to get rid of it?

You can apply the water to the sticky side of a protector screen, but use the same precautions. It will be more appropriate to use a small amount of distilled water with a drop of gentle dish soap or isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber cloth to be sure. Avoid excessive liquid to prevent damage.


Keeping your electronic device’s display durability in mind, having a clean and transparent screen protector is essential. The steps above will help you understand how to clean the sticky side of a screen protector without any damage, thus increasing the display screen’s brightness and prolonging the screen guard’s life. For further assistance or to learn more about this problem and its solution, you can contact the experts at NoCo Cell Phone and Repair, your trusted phone repair shop.