How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

Fixing a cracked laptop screen without replacing it is often deemed challenging, yet not impossible. From simple DIY hacks to more complex procedures, several methods can help salvage your screen. Here’s a concise overview of the steps to rectify a cracked laptop screen:

  • Inspect for Debris: Cleaning the screen surface can sometimes alleviate issues caused by dust or debris lodged in the cracks.
  • Try an External Monitor: Connecting an external monitor can be a temporary workaround if the crack impedes functionality but is not displayed.
  • Address Dead Pixels: Various online tools claim to revive dead pixels, potentially improving screen performance.
  • Update Video Card Drivers: Ensuring your video card drivers are up-to-date can mitigate display-related problems.
  • Combat Screen Burn-In: Software solutions can mitigate burn-in issues caused by prolonged static images on the screen.
  • Check Connections: Examining connections for damage or disconnection may restore screen functionality.

While these steps offer potential solutions, professional assistance like NoCo Cell Phone and Repair may be necessary for severe damage. Let’s delve deeper into each method to guide you through restoring your laptop screen.

Why Did My Laptop Screen Get Cracked? 

The most common cause for a broken laptop screen is the physical damage caused by an accident, such as dropping your laptop or something on it. 

Other causes may include:

  • Screen burn
  • Stuck pixels
  • Outdated driver
  • Connector problems, and 
  • Malfunctioning backlight. 

When faced with the dilemma of whether to fix your laptop or buy a new one, assessing the extent of the damage and considering factors like repair costs versus the price of a new laptop can help make an informed decision. 

8 Tips To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing

Here is how you can fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it:

1. Inspect for Dust or Debris

Believe it or not, dust or debris caught in the cracks might contribute to the issue. Gently clean the surface and around the edges of the crack, careful not to exacerbate the damage. Sometimes, a clean screen can function more effectively.

2. Try an External Monitor

If the crack affects your laptop’s functionality but not its display, connecting an external monitor can provide a temporary solution. This way, you can still use your laptop while considering fixing a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

3. Fix the Dead Pixels

Dead pixels can be an irritating consequence of a cracked screen. Various online tools and apps claim to fix dead pixels by rapidly changing colors, potentially jolting the pixel back to life. Remember to exercise caution with such tools.

4. Update the Video Card Drivers

Outdated or corrupted video card drivers may contribute to display issues. Check for updates through your laptop manufacturer’s website or the device manager. Installing the latest drivers might improve the screen’s performance.

5. Fix Screen Burn-In

Software solutions are available if your cracked screen has led to burn-in issues, where static images persist even when you’re on a different screen. Running screen savers or using specialized tools may help mitigate burn-in effects.

6. Check Screen and Backlight Connections

Sometimes, a small crack might have caused loose connections. If you’re comfortable doing so, cautiously open your laptop and check for any visibly disconnected or damaged cables. Reconnecting or replacing these may improve screen functionality.

7. Seek Professional Assistance

While DIY solutions might offer temporary relief, professional assistance from NoCo Cell Phone and Repair is crucial for a comprehensive and lasting fix. For a cracked laptop screen, especially when the damage is extensive, seeking the expertise of professionals is the best course of action. We at NoCo Cell Phone and Repair specialize in laptop repair and can assess the severity of the damage, provide an accurate diagnosis, and recommend appropriate solutions to restore your laptop to optimal functionality.

Can you fix a cracked screen without replacing it?

If you do not want to repair or replace your phone’s cracked screen, carefully apply a tiny quantity of vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. This will not improve or safeguard your phone from additional damage but may make the fractures less visible.

Can a cracked laptop screen still work?

Yes, certainly! Most importantly, never run your gadgets with apparent fractures in their screens, as these may cause serious harm – either directly via touch with exposed circuits or by electric shocks if moisture enters any electrical components inside the device.

Can the damaged laptop screen be fixed?

You may use a scratch repair kit if it’s just a scratch. If the screen is damaged or displays black blobs and lines of varying colors, you must replace the LCD and the complete screen component.


In conclusion, while there are DIY steps to address some issues related to fixing a cracked laptop screen without replacing it, seeking professional assistance is paramount for a permanent solution. Whether fixing dead pixels, updating drivers, or checking connections, these measures offer temporary relief but should not substitute professional repair services from NoCo Cell Phone and Repair when needed. Your laptop screen is a vital component, and investing in its proper repair ensures your device’s longevity and optimal performance. For expert assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at NoCo Cell Phone and Repair.