Types of Phone Damages

The most common type of phone damage is physical damage. It includes various types of damage to the screen or the body parts of the mobile phone such as a broken screen, damaged middle frame, or broken phone camera. These damages can severely impact the functionality of your phone but fortunately, repair stores offer component replacement services to fix these issues. Water damage is another common damage that causes significant risks and requires immediate professional repair. Battery issues that occur with improper charging habits or degradation can be resolved with replacement and preventative maintenance. Charging port issues also require professional attention. 

In this article, we will explore the types of phone damage in detail, and their repair options.

Types of Phone Damages And Their Solutions

Let’s have a look at these types and their repair options.

1. Physical Damage

Physical damages are the most common type of phone damage which results from accidental drops or impacts. It can disrupt the aesthetics and the functionality of your mobile phone. Cracked or phone screens, bent edges, and damaged middle frames are all forms of physical damage. If you have experienced physical damage, you can get professional repair services to get these issues fixed.

If physical phone screen damages are too much then bring your device to local phone repair technicians to fix all screen-related issues to get your phone back up and running smoothly again. 

Invest in a good-quality screen protector and a hard phone case to prevent this from happening. 

2. Water Damage

Water damage is another serious concern and sometimes your water damaged phone turned on but screen is black issue occurs. Exposure to moisture or accidental water spills onto the phone can cause serious damage and lead to issues like dysfunctionality, corrosion, and even short circuits. In case of water damage, seeking immediate professional help to minimize the damage is advised. 

To prevent this damage, avoid using your phone near pools or beaches and invest in a water-resistant hard case. 

3. Software Issues

Software issues result from malware, viruses, corrupted files, or outdated software in phone freezing, hanging, unresponsive apps, or crashing. These issues can often be resolved by updating your software or restarting the device. However, you may need to perform a factory reset for serious issues. 

To prevent this damage, avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources and keep your phone’s software updated to the latest version. 

4. Charging Port Issues

Charging port issues can hinder the connection of your charging cable with the charging port and prevent proper charging. Usually, the dirt, debris, and grime stuck inside the charging port cause this problem. Cleaning the charging port carefully with a non-metallic tool such as a toothpick or compressed air can resolve this issue. 

To prevent this from happening, avoid inserting foreign objects into your phone’s charging port. 

5. Battery Issues

Battery problems are a common issue that smartphone users face. Smartphone batteries are meant to degrade with time which can lead to issues like reduced battery life, frequent shutdowns, or phones not charging properly. Using uncertified charging accessories and exposing your phone to extremely cold or hot temperatures causes these issues. 

Getting your battery replaced can resolve these issues. You cannot do much to prevent your phone’s battery from degrading with time, but it is advised to use certified chargers and avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures. 


So, these are the common types of phone damage and their easy solutions. Understanding these issues and taking preventative measures can extend your device’s lifespan. While minor issues can be resolved with the tips mentioned above for complex issues, it is advised to seek professional help. 

We hope you find the blog helpful. For more information, refer to the FAQ section below. 

Important FAQs

Q1. What is physical damage in mobile?

Physical damage to the phones happens when you drop them or something hits them physically. The common damages caused by it are broken or cracked phone screens, broken middle frames, etc.  

Q2. What is accidental damage to phones?

Accidental damage to phones happens when they happen unintentionally out of nowhere, without any purpose. The common types of accidental damage to phones are dropping them to the floor or water or hitting them somewhere. 

Q3. What is screen damage?

Screen damage refers to any physical and visible damage to the phone screen that disrupts its usage and functionality, ruining your user experience.