Water Damaged Phone Turns On But Screen Is Black

Did you just recently drop your phone in water and now it turns on but the screen is black? This can be panic-inducing. But do not worry, before you rush to your nearest repair store, try out these easy solutions to help fix the problem.

First, power off the device to prevent further damage. Remove any accessories, SIM cards, and protective cases. Gently shake out excess water, but avoid using heat sources like hairdryers. Instead, place the phone in a bowl of silica gel packets to absorb moisture. Let it dry for at least 48 hours. If the screen is still black after drying, try force-restarting the phone or connecting it to a computer for troubleshooting. If issues persist, professional assistance may be needed for a thorough diagnosis and repair.

Ways to Fix Water-Damaged Phone That Turns On With Black Screen

Immediate Actions to Take

  • Power Off Immediately: Turn off your water-damaged phone promptly to prevent potential short circuits.
  • Remove Accessories: Take out the SIM card, memory card, and any connected accessories to minimize damage.
  • Shake Gently: Carefully shake the phone to remove excess water, but avoid aggressive movements.

Moisture Removal and Drying

  • Remove External Moisture: Use a soft, absorbent cloth to wipe away visible water on the exterior gently.
  • Rice or Silica Gel: Place the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice or silica gel packets to absorb moisture. Leave it for at least 48 hours.

Repair and Diagnosis for the water-damaged phone that turns on but the screen remains black:

  • Force Restart: After drying, attempt a force restart by holding down the appropriate buttons based on your phone model.
  • Connect to Computer: Plug your phone into a computer to see if it’s recognized. This may help diagnose software issues.
  • Professional Assistance: If the screen remains black, seek local phone repair experts’ help for a thorough diagnosis and repair. Take your device to trained technicians who can efficiently restore the functionality of your water-damaged phone.  

Safety Measures

  • Avoid Heat Sources: Refrain from using heat sources like hairdryers, as excessive heat can cause further damage.
  • Preventative Measures: Consider using waterproof cases or pouches to protect your phone from water exposure in the future.

What to do if your phone gets wet and the screen is black?

If your phone encounters water and the screen turns black, the first step is to power it off immediately. Remove any protective cases and SIM cards, then gently shake out excess water. Resist the urge to use a hairdryer or heat source, as it may cause further damage. Instead, place the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice or silica gel packets to absorb moisture. Allow it to dry for at least 48 hours before powering it on.

Can water damage cause a black screen?

Yes, water damage can lead to a black screen on your phone. When water infiltrates the internal components, it can disrupt the electrical connections and damage the screen. The black screen is often a sign of a malfunctioning display or other critical components. Swift action is crucial to minimize the impact of water damage and increase the chances of successful recovery.

How do I fix my phone when the screen is black but still works?

If your phone’s screen is black but the device still functions, it could be a display issue. Start by force-restarting the phone by holding down the power button and volume down button simultaneously for about 15 seconds. If this doesn’t work, connect the phone to a computer and use manufacturer-specific software to troubleshoot and potentially update the firmware. If the problem persists, seeking professional assistance may be necessary to diagnose and fix the underlying issue.


To fix a water-damaged phone that turns on but the screen remains black immediately power off the device, remove accessories, and gently shake to eliminate excess water, exercising caution. Proceed to moisture removal and drying using a soft cloth or a bowl of rice or silica gel for at least 48 hours. If the black screen persists after attempting a force restart, connect the phone to a computer for recognition, and seek professional assistance if needed. Prioritize safety by avoiding heat sources, and consider preventive measures like waterproof cases for future protection. Remember, quick and cautious actions enhance the chances of salvaging and restoring your water-damaged phone’s functionality